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Recognized with the Canadian Kennel Club and American Kennel Club as a member of the 'Working Dog Group' this lively robust dog once made it's living as partners to fisherman in Portugal. With it's unique webbed feet and strong tail acting as a 'rudder' (this strong tail also clears coffee tables so proceed with caution!) the Portuguese Water Dog was responsible for such tasks as retrieving broken nets, carrying messages from boat to boat and remaining a constant working companion to the fisherman aboard his vessel. For this very reason the Portuguese Water Dog is quiet active but also obedient and calm when required of.

Females stand 17 - 21" tall and weigh 35 to 50 lbs.; males are 20 - 23" and weigh 42 to 60 lbs. The non-shedding coat dogs feature either a wavy or curly coat. Though both coat types come in either black or brown, or in combinations of either black or brown with white markings, Baywood Portuguese Water Dogs genetics feature predominately black dogs with white markings. Their desirable non-shedding coat grows continuously like that of human hair, so regular brushing to help prevent tangles and matting is required.

The PWD is the utmost in human companionship. They have a great sense of humour and are so intelligent they feature almost human-like traits. They can be excellent family members for both young and old. The Portuguese Water Dog is not a breed for everyone though; The Portuguese Water Dog is not for everyone, their intelligence and exuberance needs training and direction. This is why we require that all puppies sold by Baywood Dogs attend basic obedience and training such as 'Puppy Kindergarten' from a the time they arrive with their new families. We also strive to match the temperament of the puppy to the daily and life routine of the owners. We believe in successful matches between puppy and puppy owners!

The Portuguese Water Dogs non-shedding coat makes it desirable for those people with allergies. If you or a family member suffers from allergies we strongly encourage meeting a PWD in person and spend quality time with it to ensure you are indeed non-reactive. For more information about the PWD's hypoallergenic traits click here.
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