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Retired: CAN CH Baywood Cutwater Calla Lily CGN, CD, AGX, AGXJ, JWD, RN, ATChC, Bronze AoM, ExST Bronze, ExJ Bronze, MTRDC, NAC, NJC, NCC, APDT RL1

CKC Titles
AGX - Agility Excellent
AGXJ - Agility Excellent Jumpers w/Weaves
(Calla took Agility High in trial 2003 and 2004 at the Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club booster along with Agility High in trial 2004 at the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada Specialty)
RN - Rally Novice
CGN - Canadian Good Neighbour Certificate
CD - Companion Dog (Obedience received with a high in class)
JWD - Junior Water Dog
CAN CH - Canadian Championship - Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Breed

AAC Titles
Bronze AoM - Bronze Aaward of Merit
ATChC - Agility Trial Champion of Canada
ExST Bronze - Expert Standard Bronze
ExJ Bronze - Expert Jumpers Bronze
ATChC - Agility Trial Champion of Canada
MTRDC - Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada
MSDC - Masters Snooker Dog of Canada
MJDC - Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada
MGDC - Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada
MADC - Masters Agility Dog of Canada
AADC - Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
ADC - Agility Dog Canada
AGDC - Advanced Game Dog of Canada
SGDC - Starters Games Dog of Canada

NADAC Titles
NCC - Novice Chances Certificate
NJC - Novice Jumpers Certificate
NAC - Novice Agility Certificate

APDT Titles
APDT RL1 - Level 1 Rally
APDT RL1 Award of Excellence

PWDCA Titles
AWD - Apprentice Water Dog
JWD - Junior Water Dog
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