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Retired: CAN CH Baywood Kosmic Rain CDX, CGN, RE, WWD, Gold RoM, AGXV, AGXJV, ATCHC, VBA, Bronze AoM, MSCDC, ExST Bronze, ExJ Bronze, ExG Bronze, ExS Bronze

CKC Titles
CAN CH - Canadian Championship
AGXV - Agility Excellent Veteran
AGI - Agility Intermediate
AGXJV - Agility Excellent Jumpers Veteran
AGIJ - Agility Intermediate Jumpers
AGN - Agility Novice
AGNJ - Agility Novice Jumpers
CDX - Companion Dog Excellent
CD - Companion Dog
RE - Rally Excellent
RA - Rally Advanced
RN - Rally Novice
CGN - Canine Good Neighbour

AAC Titles
Bronze AoM - Bronze Award of Merit
ATCHC - Agility Trial Champion of Canada
VBA - Versatility Bronze Award
ExST Bronze - Expert Standard Bronze
ExJ Bronze - Expert Jumpers Bronze
ExG Bronze - Expert Gamblers Bronze
ExS Bronze - Expert Snooker Bronze
MSCDC - Master Steeplechase Dog of Canada
MGDC - Master Gamblers Dog of Canada
MJDC - Master Jumpers Dog of Canada
MSDC - Master Snooker Dog of Canada
MADC - Master Agility Dog of Canada
AADC - Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
ADC - Agility Dog of Canada
AGDC - Advanced Game Dog of Canada

SGDC - Starters Game Dog of Canada

PWDCA Titles
Gold Register of Merit
Silver Register of Merit
Bronze Register of Merit
JWD - Junior Water Dog
AWD - Apprentice Water Dog
WWD - Working Water Dog
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